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1Scope named one of ten Australian startups to watch in 2018

The team at StartupSmart has compiled a short list of 10 of the most prominent that have caught our eye over the year. The people behind these startups are some of the brightest, most successful, or most promising founders that, even in such a tumultuous and fast-moving industry, we think are set to achieve great things over the course of 2018.


Education start-up opens doors to student training and employment

Tanzeem has been using the 1Scope platform, taking IT and business entrepreneur workshops, to ensure she is more employable. “Everyone has an ATAR when they leave school, but employers look for what you’ve done when you were at school as well,” she says. With help from 1Scope, Syeda plans to start her own business in web design while studying at university, and will apply for a second Google internship.


Training start-up boosted by $1m investment

1Scope founder and CEO, Christina Chun, said her vision was to bridge the gap between the education system and employers and in doing so, create valuable new opportunities for today’s students. “Today’s students are clever, capable and keen to apply for opportunities and training where it’s useful to them,” she said in a statement. “Finding those opportunities and getting from A to B is the hard part for students and is the problem that 1Scope is trying to solve.”


Social enterprise 1Scope builds student skills backed by $1 million from property developer Jin Lin

1Scope is a secure marketplace that partners with organisations, universities and government bodies to promote and manage their character and skill-building programs with students aged 12-25 across Australia. The aim is to promote equal access to quality opportunities and to measure outcomes by leveraging research and analytics. This will ultimately drive continual improvement of programs such that students, institutions and the Australian economy all win.


Sydney edtech startup 1Scope secures $1 million in funding while still in beta

A Sydney edtech startup on a mission to give more Australian students a fair go has secured $1 million in funding while still in beta. 1Scope is a platform for companies, universities and non-profits to share scholarships, work experience and training opportunities with students aged 12-25 around the country.


Edutech 1Scope raises $1M to connect students with professional development opportunities

EduTech start-up 1Scope has obtained a $1 million investment from Aqualand Capital ahead of its launch in August. Founder and CEO Christina Chun spoke to Dynamic Business about her online platform, which enables companies, universities and not-for-profits to promote, manage and review the professional development opportunities they offer students.


Being resourceful as a non-technical founder

The most common question posed by founders with limited software development expertise is “how do I recruit a technical co-founder”. Having a great idea leads to the desire to share the experience with someone who can build the idea. This reduces up-front staff costs, but can cost you up to 50% of your equity for a CTO depending on how much traction you've built.


First few days at a 'scale-up'​ startup residency initiative

It’s been a month since we had the good fortune to commence working at Publicis.Sapient through their Alphabet Common initiative in Sydney and it’s been a fruitful period for 1Scope. We’ve had possibly one of the most productive starts to 2017! As the rest of Sydney ushered in the Year of the Rooster, we’ve been securing new leads and re-vamping the design of the platform.


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