Brief interview with UNSW Innovations

12th Apr 2017

Christina Chun, 1Scope CEO

Thank you for the interview and all the support you've given me to date Joshua Flannery, Mary Liu and Joe Allen.

"I recall as a student being told vaguely it was important to get good marks to get into university, and that there was a myriad of opportunities available to me. But the question was where? My wonderful teachers tried to share information, but this was in the early days of the internet and information was word of mouth, disparate and unfortunately the opportunities which were better marketed often came with fees, or assumed a level of pre-requisite social and domestic infrastructure that a teenager who had to work after school every day to support her family simply didn’t have.

My situation may not have been the same as others, but the fact remains that for a student trying to develop practical skills and access opportunities to prepare them for life after school, there is a lot of noise distorting the signal. I don’t think this has lessened for students today just because they have the internet. If anything, and I empathise with them, it’s gotten worse because there is so much more information at hand. How do you filter what is relevant to you?

1Scope germinated in my head during my 5 years volunteering to provide training workshops to secondary and tertiary students. Students were still asking the same questions that I had asked. They were curious, wanted to improve themselves, and they knew that these opportunities existed: if only there was a product that had all the student opportunities in one place, and all they had to do was hop on, search, and apply.

When I started 1Scope, I was 24 and had just declined an offer at a major investment bank. While they had promised (and I’m sure they would have delivered) a great career, I knew it was not what I was passionate about. I may have never been the CEO of a tech start-up before, but felt that if I were to work 100 hours a week at anything, I knew that (a) I would learn to get very good at it; and (b) I would rather be engaged in something that was aligned with my core values, and working with people who shared a similar view. Passion, helping students and continually executing great projects is what gets me out of bed each day."